Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath

I decided instead of buy one this year. I would make my own. I need a new one. 

Styrofoam ring
Your choice of decorations

I started by wraping my yarn around the 
Styrofoam ring. Once I got a rhyme down
it was really easy. It took time to do the wrapping. 
I sat and watched some tv as I did mine. 
    I went all the around and then added the decorations next. 
Then I started to wrap my yarn around that till it was all 
covered up. I wanted to cut them shorter but my 
cutter was not working. I need to sharpen it up. 
So I left mine. 
 I left mine like this. But I  want to add a bow to mine 
and I might add the big bells.
 Right know I don't like it alone. 
If you make one. I would love to see yours. 

Send me a email message to wigglewormscorner@gmail.com
If you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

Have fun and Enjoy!

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