Friday, August 31, 2012

Lil Miss Legwarmers

Lil Miss Legwarmers

These were so much fun to make. My 8 year old picked the 
yarn out herself. I went back to get more to make some mittens,
scarf and hat for her. But sadly they discontinued it at the store. 
I am going to check online to see if they still have it. 

Here is the link:

Here is fun pictures I showed of at the start. To show a sneak peek look. 

I was playing with my little one on the floor. When Iooked up. I thought
what a cool picture this would be. 

 Idea I like to do with patterns that say how many inches needs to be. 
I have a counter and like to write down how many rows I was on. 
Then I don't have to measure all the time and get them exactly 
the same. Then next time I can just go with those rows. 
Just a small hint/idea if you are starting out or 
well just didn't think of it.

I can't wait to make more in other colors.

 If you can't knit and would like these leg warmers. Come and visit me me 
at one of the following places of your choice. 
or you can email me at

Chinese Staircase Stitch Ponytail Hairsyle

Chinese Staircase Stitch Ponytail Hairstyle

I just love this look and it is just fitting for crocheting. 
It reminds me  of the look of a a single crochet look. 

It was so easy to do. I used my Bed Head 
stuff to hold the fly a ways. But you can use whatever you
would like to. 

Here is the link I got it from:

Here is a close up

If you do this look. I would love to see it and/or  what you think. 

Happy Styling!  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quick Bun Updo

Quick Bun Updo + Dries to Curls

Today I tried this cute hair style. It was very easy to do. 
Here is the video from youtube on how to do it. 

I do not put anything in my wet hair. I thought I will try it out
and see how it turns out. I did use a bit of this in the front of my hair. 

I got this a few years ago from my beautician.I really like this stuff. 
What I like the most is a little goes a long way. That is why I have 
had it for so long. 

Here is what my hair looks like today. 

Not the best side view. Since I took it myself. But you can still see the 
bun part. 
I can't wait to see what it looks like once my hair drys. I will get picture's 
of that later and post it tomorrow for you all to see. 

Wow look at all that grey hair. I knew I was getting quite a bit but 
this really does surprise me a bit more.

Happy styling!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My latest creations

My latest Creations

 It has been pretty busy with hubby taking a week off of work. 
Also our girls started school last week. Last week 
we spent a lot of time together before they are in 
school all day long. 

Here is there first day of school 
Here are some of my latest creations I have been working on. 

Knitted Rectangle Hat

 My 5 year old picked out the color by herself. 
I used the pattern I made for a Batman Hat and well as you
can tell what I left out. I also did not do the increase and 
decrease like she did early on.
 If you can't knit and would like one of these hat. Come and visit me me 
at one of the following places of your choice. 

or you can email me at

Cat Hat
 My 8 year old wanted a cat hat. So I showed her a few different styles 
to choose from. She liked this one. I got the Cat pattern here: Zsa Mask
 If you can't knit and would like one of these hats. Come and visit me me 
at one of the following places of your choice. 

or you can email me at

Hanging plant holder order
 I got another order for this cute hanging plant holder. It is very popular. 
I have a couple of love them too. They are so cute and add so life to 
your hanging baskets then what they come with .
Here it the pattern for this cute 
 If you can't crochet and would like one of these hanging plant holders. Come and visit me me 
at one of the following places of your choice.

or you can email me at

Knitted Bear Hat

 I got a request and order for this cute knitted bear hat. 
I could not find the pattern I wanted.
I just did a basic knitted ear flap hat pattern. 
Then did a co 6 knitted for 3 rows 
then decreased the next two rows and 
added it onto the hat.

 If you can't knit and would like one of these hats. Come and visit me me 
at one of the following places of your choice. 

or you can email me at

Simple Boot Toppers

 I made this cute Simple Boot Toppers for my boots. 
I am in love with them. They are so cute and I can't wait
for fall to come and get to wear them. 
Here is the link to the pattern: Simple Boot Toppers 

 If you can't knit and would like one of these boot cuffs. Come and visit me me 
at one of the following places of your choice. 

or you can email me at

Leg Warmers
This is what I am working on right know for my 8 year old
She had such a growth spurt this summer. So to make
some of the pants last longer. I am making her some 
cute leg warmers to go over her pants. 
Here is the pattern: LIL: LEGwatmers

I will share a picture when I am all done with them. I have one side done 
and working on the other side. So it should not be much longer. 

If you can't knit and would like one these leg warmers. Come and visit me me 
at one of the following places of your choice. 

or you can email me at

Creative Idea's

What a great idea this is. 

When I get one made I will post pictures. I just need to finish up one of my 
containers. I thought this would be great use for our car. 

Another one I saw was 

I need to get a picture for myself. I don't want to copy and use there's. 
Make the most perfect potato wedges for your family using an apple corer/wedger!!!
Coat with olive oil
 ground black pepper 

Place wedges on lined baking sheet. Bake for about 35 minutes at 450. 
Turn the wedges half way through to ensure they brown evenly! 

Here is another idea I would love to do. When we get this
done I will share pictures too.

If you have any great idea's or things you have done. 
Please feel free to share with us. I love 
getting lots of different ways to use things 
more then one or for one things.  

If you would to like me to post some of your great ideas. 
Send in a picture of yours and how you did it to
I will make a post about it and share with everyone else. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Photo's

So a friend of mine and I did an exchange for our work. She is a photographer and took our family photos and I made her some photo props. She did a wonderful job and was wonderful with the girls.

Visit Shannon at Tweedle Dee Photography

 So if you like what you see. Visit Shannon at Tweedle Dee Photography.
We are so happy with our photos and she is a delight to work with. Can't wait to get our pictures hung up on the wall.

Free online class on Know Your Wool

I thought some may like this. I am signed up and can't wait to watch later tonight when the girls are in bed. Here is what Craftys said:

"Learn about the fibers you are crocheting in the free online Craftsy class Know Your Wool with Deborah Robson! You will develop an understanding of the different wools used for yarns and the best use for each. The best part is that this class isn't limited to a classroom - you'll follow Deborah as she wanders around a wool market, getting to know shepherds, vendors and sheep along the way! To take a closer look at this free Craftsy class, click: Know Your Wool"

I hope you enjoy!
Let me know what you think. 

Happy crafting! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crocheted Tutu skirt

Crocheted Tutu Skirt

I had so much fun making this. 
Here is the link to the pattern I used.

Baby Tutu

 I did do mine a bit different there she did. 

She had it where you tie off at the end and then start with the first
ruffle at the top. I added my first one at the bottom and worked my way up.
Which I am glad I did. I like this one with just three ruffles. Instead
of four ruffs. 

I also need to add another button to the back. One is just not enough. She had where you 
sew it closed. I thought adding a button would be cute this way. I do really like it. But like 
I said I need to add one more button. So I don't get this big gap.  

 I would like to do ones that are longer for my older girls in colors they would like. 

I did this one for Football coming up soon.  

If you don't know how to crochet and would like one.  Please come to either one of these pages to get one. 

Wiggleworms Corner Facebook  

Wiggleworms  Corner Etsy

You also can send a message to


Monday, August 6, 2012

Tie Dying Cotton Yarn

Tie Dying Cotton Yarn
I got the idea from here : 

This is what I used to do mine. I did this with my old girls. They had so much fun.

Suppiles needed:
White Embroidery Floss
Rubber bands(if wanted, mine still blended in a bit)
Dye( I used what you get for Tie Dying shirts)

I divided mine up into three parts and started to slowly add
color to where I wanted it. 

After I was done. I let it air dry over night or you can also
use a blow dryer on it. Then I washed it out a bit. To get any
extra color off. This is what mine looked like when all finished with that. 

Here is what I started to work on for myself and my girls. We 
are making beaded bracelets out of them. 

If you have any questions. Please feel free to ask. 
Happy Tie Dying!