Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Heat Loose Curls

Here is another way I tired with no heat curls. 

I am not to sure about this one. I did not like the 
way it felt around my neck all night long. I had 
strange dreams and did not sleep well. 

Here is what it looked like before I went to bed. 

Here is what it looked like after I got up in the morning. 
Sorry it is blurry. I did not look to see how it turned out. 
Can't concentrate that well that early.
It stayed in really well. 

As I was taking it out. It did not give me much curl. It was more 
of a wave. Either I did not put enough water on it or well my
hair is not as long as hers. 

I do like the wave it gave me.

Link to video I got it from:

2 Minute NO HEAT Loose Curls 

If you try this or any of the others one I post about. I would love 
to hear about it. Well I am off to crochet a wall clock for 
my kitchen. I will post about it when I am all done. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Request Contest

Come and join in on the fun at Wiggleworms Corner on facebook. 

Send me a message of a creation you would like to see on Wiggleworms Corner.

From July 29- August 3, 2012. Send me a picture and a link of the creation to my messages. Located on Wiggleworrms Corner front page. Right hand side by the like button.

Picking of the creation
Random drawing by my family will pick five creations to be voted on. Voting starts on  August 4, 2012 and will run till August 6, 2012.

Benefits of submission
1) The winner who sent in the picture and link that wins. Will get it for the cost of supply's in the month of August 2012.
2) If you are the top five and did not win. You can get your creations made for 35% off in the month of August 2012.
3) If you are not picked for the  top five. You can have your creation made for 15% off in the month of August 2012.
4) After voting, everyone else gets a 10% discount on the winning creation for the month of August 2012.

1) Submission is your agreement that you have read and agree to the rules.
2) Submission does not require to be purchased.
3) Send in a link and picture to my messages on Wiggleworms Corner.
4) You can not submit an item that is currently pictured on Wiggleworms Corner. I am looking for new idea's.
5) You must submit a picture and link to get 1-3 of Benefits of submission.
6) All items must be related to what I make.
7) I reserve the right to deny any items. If I feel they are inappropriate, something I would not able to do or not related to creations I can make. I will let you know if this happens. So you can send in another request, if wanted.
8) This is all for fun!

Prices of new items are determine by cost of supply's, taxes, shipping and handling and my time.

So pass the word along and lets have an amazing contest!

Contact me with any questions to Wiggleworms Corner.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Shooting Star with Flower

Shooting Star with Flower

This is a look I came up with. 
My hubby loves the look when I put braids 
in and then take them out. Tonight is date night. 
So last night I sat down and watched tv and braided
away. I wanted to do a little something different. 
So I put part of it up in a bun and some sides up. 
All I had was kiddy clips to hold it. So I put 
a pretty flower in, that I made. 

So here is what I do. 
Out a bunch of braids in. I had 15 this time. 

I then hold them back with a clip when I am up. At night
I like to braid them together. They do fall out but it holds
it back for a bit. 

Here is the look when they come out. This time 
I put a bun in half of it. Pulled up a bit from the sides
and put a clip in. I only had little kids clips. So I put a 
flower clip in and love this look.

This was my first time doing this one. Hubby came up with the name 
for this style. 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Braid-Wrapped Chignon

Oh I really like this one too. It was not to hard to do. 
My hair is so long I had to wrap in under and then out the middle 
and then back up again. 
Here is what mine looks like.

 I need a bit of practice. 
But for the first time I am happy with it.
Sorry for the picture. My hubby is sleeping and this is the best
I could do right know. I will have to have him get a better one 
when he gets up. 

Here is the link to where I got this idea

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Braided Headband

Braided Headband

I did this one January 3. 2012.  

 Here is the link to how I did this cute style. 

Braided Headband with Flower

Enjoy this cute fun style!

Elegant Updo

Elegant Updo

My friends bridal/bachelorette party was this last weekend. 
I wanted to do something cute and different for her 
party. So off to youtube I went. I found this really cute 

I added a cute flower I had at home. I had used it in 
some photos we took with one of our little ones. 
I just took it apart and made myself a barrette.

Sock Bun Curls

Sock Bun Curls

I can not seem to find the orginal one I found a long
time ago. So I use this one for how to put the bun on.

Last night I use two buns. I put one on the top of my head and 
then one on the bottom. I think next time I will do one on each side.  

Here is how it looked this morning. I forgot to use my 
gel to keep curls in. 
Catwalk - Off the top of my head I can't remember where I got it

It is 10am and humid out. So you can 
guess what happened to it already. 


So I decided to do the video today and I will wear it all day
and sleep in it tonight.


 I think it is really cute. I did use a few bobby pins to keep it in place a bit.

I took it out tonight. I decided to try something new tomorrow.
But here is what it looks like right know. I am in love with it.
I love side ponytails.

Monday, July 23, 2012


BBQ Recipe
I have tried many different ones and we always come back to this one. 
So I stopped trying new ones. I will stick to our favorite. 


1lb Beef
1 Cup Catsup
1/2 Cup Water
1 1/2 TBLS Brown Sugar
1 TBLS Vingar
1 TBLS Worcestershire Sauce 
1 tsp Mustard

Cook meat and drain out grease. Then mix all ingredients and simmer for 10-15mins.  

Enjoy!!! This is a recipe I got handed down from my Mom. Not sure where she got it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brownie waffles

Yesterday at my friends Bridal Shower. She got a waffle maker and we all
started to talk about recipes. Someone mentions brownies in the waffle. 
I thought what a great fun idea to do with the kids. 

Brownie waffles
I just used a box of brownies this time. Next time I want to 
make homemade brownies. 

My girls thought it was so fun and cool to make brownies in 
the waffle maker. They asked if we could make them in the 
morning for breakfast. 

I thought we could even make some frosting and make 
brownie waffle sandwiches. 

I need to look around and see if there are some other kinds
of different recipes to use with waffle maker.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Digital Scrapbook Experts - Freebies

Here is a little find I found some time ago. Each day you get a new
email with one item to save. After so many you will have a full
kit to work with. I have gotten lots of cute kits from them. 

You can also join as a member for different 

Here are just a few different ones I have gotten from them. 

There are more from the past and show you the next one 
when you click on 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Use aluminum foil to sharpen dull scissors!

My scissors I use for all my creations was getting dull. I 
saw this on pinterest. 

So I decided to give it a try. 
All you have to do is fold aluminum fold 
several times.

 Then start cutting away

As I went along after many cuts. 
 I started to notice a difference. 

Then I went on to just have a bit of fun. 

I went and got some scrap yarn and tested it out. 
I was very surprised at the difference.  

So if you have a pair of scissors that dull. 
Get out the aluminum foil, fold it up and
start to cut away. 
Thank you Pinterest and This Old House!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Tutu Dress

I saw a picture a while ago of a crocheted top with tulle attached. I thought I could do that and how cute is that. I went looking around for a good top to use. But just could not find one I really liked. So I made up my own pattern. 

First I worked on the top.
I just came up with a simple tub top look. 

I added some loops to add the tulle to. Then I went
on to cover that part up. 

I added a slip stitch around the edging. I really like the 
look it brings out. 

Here is the top part with out the straps added.

Since this is my first time and did not think about it. 
I did not add in a special element from 
stretching out. So next time I will remember to
add that in. 

The tulle was then added. I just used one layer 
of tulle for this one. My next one I want 
to add two layers for a fuller effect.

I just rolled some tulle up to make a flower on the side. 

This was her first time wearing it. So the tulle was a bit to long. 
So she sat down and let me get some pictures of her 
in it. 

I love coming up with my own patterns. My next one I have a few 
other idea's I would like to do. So keep your eye
our for another Tutu dress coming up.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuxedo Set

First is just started out as making the top hat. I was making it for a friend.She is a photographer and needed some boy props. So in exchange for me making her this cute set and a couple of others. (Which I will have up soon too.) She then took our family photos and a few others.

Come and take a look at her site: Tweedle Dee Photography

So as I said before it started out as just a Top Hat to do.
 I also offered a bow tie. So thought how cute
would that be together.
 Well my imagination went on more. 
So I did a diaper cover and......
 ..... tie. In the end this is what I ended up with. 
A cute Tuxedo set. I am know wanting to do booties too. 
But I am on the look for the right style to go
with this cute set. 
 What I like is there is more then one way she 
can use the set.

 For the tie I could not find a pattern.
So I just looked at a picture of a tie
and made up a pattern for it. 
 This bow tie is a knitted and the thing around
the neck is just an added piece I made. 
With both the tie and bow tie. You can take that
off and put a paper clip onto it and attach it 
to a shirt.

Links to the patterns I used