Friday, July 27, 2012

Shooting Star with Flower

Shooting Star with Flower

This is a look I came up with. 
My hubby loves the look when I put braids 
in and then take them out. Tonight is date night. 
So last night I sat down and watched tv and braided
away. I wanted to do a little something different. 
So I put part of it up in a bun and some sides up. 
All I had was kiddy clips to hold it. So I put 
a pretty flower in, that I made. 

So here is what I do. 
Out a bunch of braids in. I had 15 this time. 

I then hold them back with a clip when I am up. At night
I like to braid them together. They do fall out but it holds
it back for a bit. 

Here is the look when they come out. This time 
I put a bun in half of it. Pulled up a bit from the sides
and put a clip in. I only had little kids clips. So I put a 
flower clip in and love this look.

This was my first time doing this one. Hubby came up with the name 
for this style. 


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