Monday, July 2, 2012


I was so excited the other week. Our flowers that the girls picked out and planted finally bloomed.
 My oldest picked out the pink ones. 
My 5 year old picked out the red and yellow. 
Which I so love. 

We are big Lilly fans here. 

I also took a look at my Morning Glory's. 
I started them inside this year and 
when I planted them outside. 
They were not doing well for sometime. 
Then all the sudden they really started to bloom
and grow. 
I counted 36 buds on this. I can't wait for the next 
few days. I will get pictures as it blooms. 

I tried them a few years ago. Closer to the house. They never wanted
to grow. So this year we found a different spot and I am 
so glad they are growing. I also love Morning Glory's. 
Next year I am hoping to put a nice little rock bed around them. 
I just need to get an idea of what I want it too look like. 

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