Monday, July 2, 2012

I have been hard at work. To get all my creations done for Wiggleworms Corner 1,000 fan Celebration. Here are few of those creations that are in the album.

This is the Chain Loop Scarf/Necklace. 
Wonderful for the summer and just to dress up any outfit. 
Then when it is colder out. Just wrap it around your neck one 
more time and you add warmth to your neck. 

Here is the Chain Necklace/Scarf.
Just like the Chain Loop Scarf/Necklace
but this one has a button added.

Mouse Coasters
Set of 6
How fun are these cool coasters. I can also add
a bow.

Barefoot Sandals
How much fun are these in the summer months. 
When it is so hot out. They are so much fun to 
wear at the beach instead of shoes.

My next barefoot sandals are for adults. :)

Price Crown and Princesses Crown
Makes a great photo prop or on there birthday. 
Just add a number to it for there age.

I have so much more on there. Come and take a look 

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