Saturday, July 28, 2012

Request Contest

Come and join in on the fun at Wiggleworms Corner on facebook. 

Send me a message of a creation you would like to see on Wiggleworms Corner.

From July 29- August 3, 2012. Send me a picture and a link of the creation to my messages. Located on Wiggleworrms Corner front page. Right hand side by the like button.

Picking of the creation
Random drawing by my family will pick five creations to be voted on. Voting starts on  August 4, 2012 and will run till August 6, 2012.

Benefits of submission
1) The winner who sent in the picture and link that wins. Will get it for the cost of supply's in the month of August 2012.
2) If you are the top five and did not win. You can get your creations made for 35% off in the month of August 2012.
3) If you are not picked for the  top five. You can have your creation made for 15% off in the month of August 2012.
4) After voting, everyone else gets a 10% discount on the winning creation for the month of August 2012.

1) Submission is your agreement that you have read and agree to the rules.
2) Submission does not require to be purchased.
3) Send in a link and picture to my messages on Wiggleworms Corner.
4) You can not submit an item that is currently pictured on Wiggleworms Corner. I am looking for new idea's.
5) You must submit a picture and link to get 1-3 of Benefits of submission.
6) All items must be related to what I make.
7) I reserve the right to deny any items. If I feel they are inappropriate, something I would not able to do or not related to creations I can make. I will let you know if this happens. So you can send in another request, if wanted.
8) This is all for fun!

Prices of new items are determine by cost of supply's, taxes, shipping and handling and my time.

So pass the word along and lets have an amazing contest!

Contact me with any questions to Wiggleworms Corner.

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