Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photograpy fun

I have been enjoying doing some photography that last few days. We went for a walk the other night. We decided to explore NDSU. We that a night before and I forgot my camera. This time I brought it and we walked around different area's. I can't wait to go back the other way. There are some great photo shoots to get. There is one part under construction and hope it is done soon. I want to take the girls school's photos there.

Water fall over by the Red hawk's Stadium.
We are hoping to get there in a couple of 
weeks with our two older girls. 
Next year our 19 month will enjoy it more. 

 The beauty of Train tracks

My 5 year old was blowing on dandelions. I told her how 
cool of a picture would that be of you doing that. The wind 
was blowing to just. So she found a dandelion she wanted. 
I got the constant shoot on and started to shoot. 
This is one of those times you hope 
for a great shoot and ecstatic when it get one.

Our Morning Glory's our front. I have for the last few years. Tried
to get them to grow beside the house out front. Wellthey just never 
wanted to grow. This year I tried some pots out by our alleyway. 
There is gets sun pretty much all day long. Well wouldn't 
you know it. They are growing fast. Next year I am going
to add fishing line between the stands. 
So they can grow across to one another. If they keep
growing at the rate they are right know. I might even have to do 
it this year. We will see. I am just enjoying all the beautiful

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