Friday, July 13, 2012

Tutu Dress

I saw a picture a while ago of a crocheted top with tulle attached. I thought I could do that and how cute is that. I went looking around for a good top to use. But just could not find one I really liked. So I made up my own pattern. 

First I worked on the top.
I just came up with a simple tub top look. 

I added some loops to add the tulle to. Then I went
on to cover that part up. 

I added a slip stitch around the edging. I really like the 
look it brings out. 

Here is the top part with out the straps added.

Since this is my first time and did not think about it. 
I did not add in a special element from 
stretching out. So next time I will remember to
add that in. 

The tulle was then added. I just used one layer 
of tulle for this one. My next one I want 
to add two layers for a fuller effect.

I just rolled some tulle up to make a flower on the side. 

This was her first time wearing it. So the tulle was a bit to long. 
So she sat down and let me get some pictures of her 
in it. 

I love coming up with my own patterns. My next one I have a few 
other idea's I would like to do. So keep your eye
our for another Tutu dress coming up.

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