Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Heat Loose Curls

Here is another way I tired with no heat curls. 

I am not to sure about this one. I did not like the 
way it felt around my neck all night long. I had 
strange dreams and did not sleep well. 

Here is what it looked like before I went to bed. 

Here is what it looked like after I got up in the morning. 
Sorry it is blurry. I did not look to see how it turned out. 
Can't concentrate that well that early.
It stayed in really well. 

As I was taking it out. It did not give me much curl. It was more 
of a wave. Either I did not put enough water on it or well my
hair is not as long as hers. 

I do like the wave it gave me.

Link to video I got it from:

2 Minute NO HEAT Loose Curls 

If you try this or any of the others one I post about. I would love 
to hear about it. Well I am off to crochet a wall clock for 
my kitchen. I will post about it when I am all done. 

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