Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuxedo Set

First is just started out as making the top hat. I was making it for a friend.She is a photographer and needed some boy props. So in exchange for me making her this cute set and a couple of others. (Which I will have up soon too.) She then took our family photos and a few others.

Come and take a look at her site: Tweedle Dee Photography

So as I said before it started out as just a Top Hat to do.
 I also offered a bow tie. So thought how cute
would that be together.
 Well my imagination went on more. 
So I did a diaper cover and......
 ..... tie. In the end this is what I ended up with. 
A cute Tuxedo set. I am know wanting to do booties too. 
But I am on the look for the right style to go
with this cute set. 
 What I like is there is more then one way she 
can use the set.

 For the tie I could not find a pattern.
So I just looked at a picture of a tie
and made up a pattern for it. 
 This bow tie is a knitted and the thing around
the neck is just an added piece I made. 
With both the tie and bow tie. You can take that
off and put a paper clip onto it and attach it 
to a shirt.

Links to the patterns I used

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