Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creative Idea's

What a great idea this is. 

When I get one made I will post pictures. I just need to finish up one of my 
containers. I thought this would be great use for our car. 

Another one I saw was 

I need to get a picture for myself. I don't want to copy and use there's. 
Make the most perfect potato wedges for your family using an apple corer/wedger!!!
Coat with olive oil
 ground black pepper 

Place wedges on lined baking sheet. Bake for about 35 minutes at 450. 
Turn the wedges half way through to ensure they brown evenly! 

Here is another idea I would love to do. When we get this
done I will share pictures too.

If you have any great idea's or things you have done. 
Please feel free to share with us. I love 
getting lots of different ways to use things 
more then one or for one things.  

If you would to like me to post some of your great ideas. 
Send in a picture of yours and how you did it to
I will make a post about it and share with everyone else. 

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