Friday, August 31, 2012

Lil Miss Legwarmers

Lil Miss Legwarmers

These were so much fun to make. My 8 year old picked the 
yarn out herself. I went back to get more to make some mittens,
scarf and hat for her. But sadly they discontinued it at the store. 
I am going to check online to see if they still have it. 

Here is the link:

Here is fun pictures I showed of at the start. To show a sneak peek look. 

I was playing with my little one on the floor. When Iooked up. I thought
what a cool picture this would be. 

 Idea I like to do with patterns that say how many inches needs to be. 
I have a counter and like to write down how many rows I was on. 
Then I don't have to measure all the time and get them exactly 
the same. Then next time I can just go with those rows. 
Just a small hint/idea if you are starting out or 
well just didn't think of it.

I can't wait to make more in other colors.

 If you can't knit and would like these leg warmers. Come and visit me me 
at one of the following places of your choice. 
or you can email me at

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