Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Round Placemats & Coasters

Round Placemats & Coasters
My 8 year old asked if we could start using placemats
at dinner time. So we went onto the internet and found 
a pattern she liked. We then went out and she got to pick
the color of yarn she wanted.  
She picked a beautiful green and pink and pink yarn. 
I worked on them for  a few weeks. Did them in between orders 
and my free time.  
Here is where I got the link:

Here are a few pictures of our placemats

Hint: I did do an extra round at the end. I did a slip stitch
all around it. I thought it made for a cleaner look. 

For the Coasters I just did the first five rounds on the pattern. 
I then did a one single crochet in one stitch and then two 
single crochets in the next all the way round. Then in the 
last row I did a slip stitch all the way around. 

They were really easy to make and can't wait to tackle a new
placemat pattern soon. 

 If you can't knit and would like these Placemats &/or Coasters. 
Come and visit me me 
at one of the following places of your choice. 
or you can email me at
Happy Knitting!

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