Thursday, September 6, 2012

Triple Crown

Triple Crown

 This was really easy to do and I it was comfy all day long. 
This is a great summer updo, so pretty for a wedding or 
special occasion.


I love her tutorials.

Here is what it looked like when I was done. 

If you don't know how to do a french or Dutch braid. 
Please follow this link and she will help you out. 

I need to move the braids over a bit and I did not have any 
of those small clear ponytails left. So I had to use 
my girls small color ponytails. I used back with the hope 
it would hide a bit better. 

I took out the bobby pins for the night and left in the braids.
I love the look braids give when they are taken out. So this is what 
I did with my hair today(Sept 6, 2012). 

I just stuck it up with a clip and then
add a cute scarf I had. 

Happy Styling!

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