Monday, July 21, 2014


My Rose

I got a couple of rose bushes at the beginning of the summer.
(Tea Rose White Heart)

With our cold winter last year. It killed both my rose bushes. 
I was so sad. So this year we are going to bundle them up even more. Just in case of another cold winter. Lets stop talking about winter. 
So I got two new ones and have been waiting for them to bloom. 
For awhile they didn't seem to be doing anything. So I move them. So they would get pretty much sun all day long. That did the trick. 
They both started to grow fast and get one got buds really fast. 

 So far only one has bloomed. My other one I just noticed
some buds. I can't remember which one I got. I can't find 
the info I had on them. I know when I don't need the info
anymore. I will find it. Isn't that how it goes. 

 I just had to share my excitement. It's been a while since I have 
gotten some good roses. It has been the perfect year for them here. Not to hot or cold. Once the other one starts blooming. I will get 
some pictures and share those with you.
Happy Gardening!  

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